The Lab for Nonprofit Organizations

The Lab has worked with nonprofit organizations to deliver Organizational development programs, Professional development programs and Training to assist program participants

Financial Health Asynchronous Courses

For Individuals and Families

  • Credit 101
  • Debt 101
  • Developing Your Habit of Saving
  • Financial Health Connections for Couples
  • Financial Wellness in Challenging Times
  • Holidays Under Control
  • How to Make Banking Work for You
  • Leveraging Assets to Cushion Economic Shocks
  • Money and Marketing in a Digital World
  • Negotiating with Creditors
  • Resilience
  • Student Loans: Think Before You Learn
  • Student Loans: Your financial life after school

For Professional Development

  • A Holistic Approach to Economic Security and Well-Being
  • The Asset Building Continuum as a Framework for Goals
  • Behavioral Economics Essentials: Heuristics & Biases
  • Conversations in Economic Mobility
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Financial Health for Case Managers, Part One
  • Goal Crafting with Your Clients
  • Helping Couples Stabilize and Grow Their Financial Health
  • Helping People Develop a Habit of Saving
  • Resilience
  • Recognizing and Working with Economic Trauma and Abuse
  • Talking with Clients About Money
  • Using the EPIC Exercise
  • Working with Ambivalence

Integrated Learning Programs

Human Services Financial Health Professional Certification ILP

A series of asynchronous online courses with feedback and virtual live forums

Level One

  • Section One: Working with Goals
  • Section Two: Working with Values and Goals to Achieve Lasting Change
  • Section Three: Stress and Scarcity
  • Section Four: Steps for Achieving Goals and Managing Justifications
  • Section Five: Assets, Income & Time
  • Section Six: Planning and Saving

Level Two

  • Section Seven: The Context of Poverty
  • Section Eight: Credit, Debt & Lending
  • Section Nine: Counseling & Coaching
  • Section Ten: Negotiations
  • Section Eleven: Future Planning
  • Section Twelve: Leveraging Environment & Community Assets

Level Three

  • Section Thirteen: Connection Couples to Shared Financial Health
  • Section Fourteen: Recovering from the Financial and Economic Effects of Mental Illness, Trauma and Substance Abuse
  • Section Fifteen: Development of Financial Health Throughout Childhood and Young Adulthood
  • Section Sixteen: Planning for Security in Later Years
  • Section Seventeen: Personal Finance and Economics Through Cultural Lenses
  • Section Eighteen: Helping People with Special Needs Improve Their Financial Health

Motivational Interviewing ILP

  • Quarterly virtual live booster forums
  • Monthly asynchronous online courses with feedback
    • The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
    • Building Your Skills with the Elements of MI
    • MI for Short Moments
    • Blending MI with Other Tasks
    • MI for Self Care
    • Asking Powerful Questions

Person-Centered/Data-Driven Organizations ILP

  • Introductory virtual live forum
  • A series of asynchronous online courses with feedback
    • PC/DD Organizations: An Overview
    • PC/DD Organizations: Steps 1-6
    • PC/DD Organizations: Steps 7-11
    • PC/DD Technology: 12-16
    • PC/DD Technology: 17-21

Human Services Professional – Essentials Program

  • A series of asynchronous online courses with feedback and an overview for supervisors
    • A Holistic Approach to the Human Services System
    • Working with the Person Within the System
    • Working with the Context of Poverty and Economic Barriers
    • Accountable Case Management in a Person-Centered/Data-Driven Organization
    • HSP Essentials: Level One Overview for Supervisors

Virtual Live Classes

For Individuals and Families

  • Behind on Credit/Under the Debt
  • Cornerstone: Foundations in Financial Health
  • Empowering Women on the Job
  • Exploring Homeownership
  • Financial Health: A Multi-Generational Approach
  • Financial Health Connections for Couples
  • Financial Stress Strategies
  • Holidays Under Control
  • More Than a Job: Telling Your Story
  • More Than a Job: Actions and Reactions on the Job
  • Preparing to Overcome the Cliff Effect
  • Reimagine: Women and Money
  • Relaxation for the Real World
  • The Planning Thread: Preparing for Economic Shocks
  • The Process of Change
  • Resolving Resolutions
  • The Stress of “Back to School”

For Professional Development

  • Economic Trauma and Resilience
  • Goal-Crafting with Your Clients
  • Organizational Scarcity and Resilience
  • Personal Economics Through Cultural Lenses
  • Talking with Clients About Money
  • The Impact of Scarcity and Stress on Decision-Making